Collection of Nasal Secretions and Tears and Their Use in Allergology

Sveva Castelli; Stefania Arasi; Ruby Pawankar; Paolo M. Matricardi


Curr Opin Allergy Clin Immunol. 2018;18(1):1-9. 

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Tears in Patients With Ocular Allergy

Ocular and nasal symptoms commonly occur in combination in IgE-mediated response to allergens, in form of an allergic rhino-conjunctivitis.[74] Allergic conjunctivitis also exists as an independent symptom complex, characterized by ocular itching, hyperemia, and lacrimation, with similar but distinct pathophysiological characteristics to allergic rhinitis.[75] The detection of tears specific immunologic and inflammatory markers may provide additional information about local allergic processes and be useful for the diagnosis or monitoring of allergic conjunctivitis.[76–78]

IgE sensitization in patients with allergic diseases may be limited at a local, conjunctival level.[76] Measurement of total and allergen-sIgE in tear fluid can help to diagnose IgE-mediated allergic conjunctivitis also in the absence of systemic sensitization.[76]