Collection of Nasal Secretions and Tears and Their Use in Allergology

Sveva Castelli; Stefania Arasi; Ruby Pawankar; Paolo M. Matricardi


Curr Opin Allergy Clin Immunol. 2018;18(1):1-9. 

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Immunological Assays for Antibody Detection

The most common immunological detection assays for biomarkers in serum can detect analytes also in nasal secretions.[56,72,73] However, they require large volumes and the detection level is not always sensitive enough for molecules present at low concentration such as IgE.[68] Recently, our group pioneered the use of microarray biochips for measurement of sIgE against a large number of different allergen molecules.[68] The results validated the allergen microarray chip as a high sensitive and specific detection assay for sIgE in nasal secretions. It combines the advantages of being a multiplex test requiring relative little sample volumes.[68]