Saving Lives and Reducing Harm: A CAUTI Reduction Program

Kerri Ann Scanlon, MSN, RN; Celia M. Wells, PhD(c), RN; Launette Woolforde, EdD, DNP, RN-BC; Aradhana Khameraj, MSN, RN; Jennifer Baumgarten, MBA


Nurs Econ. 2017;35(3):134-141. 

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In addition to the decreases in ICU CAUTI, we cannot dismiss the affect this change has had on employees. The most palpable results have been the development and autonomy of frontline staff who continue to elevate their practice while providing safe quality care to patients. Their continued leadership and dedication to improving patient care have maintained the momentum of this project. By engaging and transforming the culture of frontline staff in CAUTI-reduction practices, staff passion and commitment for patient quality and safety have been reignited, thus driving CAUTI best practices.

This process for CAUTI reduction has proven successful in the hospital and throughout Northwell Health. These processes are transferable which can be applied to other initiatives or programs within the hospital and Northwell Health. Changing culture is imperative to the success of organizations which can be achieved through interprofessional collaboration and team development. This model has increased confidence across a diverse group of individuals and disciplines so that even small modifications in practice can impact the quality of care provided to patients.