The Role of Renal Response to Amino Acid Infusion and Oral Protein Load in Normal Kidneys and Kidney With Acute and Chronic Disease

Francis B. Gabbai


Curr Opin Nephrol Hypertens. 2018;27(1):23-29. 

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Studies evaluating the role and importance of hyperfiltration in the progression of kidney disease and other conditions (overall mortality, cardiovascular complications, and so on) are in need more than ever. However, critical to the interpretation of the role of hyperfiltration is the need to establish whether high bGFR values based on eGFR calculations represent hyperfiltration with loss of RFR or high bGFR with intact reserve. This distinction is very important because of the multiplicity of calculator equations of eGFR and the multiple confounding factors that lead to overestimation of the real GFR. Under such conditions, easily accessible standardized approaches to measure RFR can provide critical information.