Concurrent Antitumor and Bone-Protective Effects of Everolimus in Osteotropic Breast Cancer

Andrew J. Browne; Marie L. Kubasch; Andy Göbel; Peyman Hadji; David Chen; Martina Rauner; Friedrich Stölzel; Lorenz C. Hofbauer; and Tilman D. Rachner


Breast Cancer Res. 2017;19(92) 

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Overall, our results showing bone-protective effects of everolimus in the setting of a hormone-deprived environment are in agreement with the bone marker analysis of the BOLERO-2 trial.[13] Importantly, we provide further evidence that the dose required for bone protection in a hormone-deprived environment (Figure 4) can also effectively inhibit the growth of bone metastases (Figure 5). Not only did everolimus inhibit the growth of breast cancer bone metastases in this model but also bone destruction was significantly inhibited in the everolimus group compared with the control group. This study also provides a further rationale for considering everolimus as an antitumor agent in ER-negative breast cancer.