Regular and Low-dose Aspirin, Other Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Medications and Prospective Risk of HER2-defined Breast Cancer

The California Teachers Study

Christina A. Clarke; Alison J. Canchola; Lisa M. Moy; Susan L. Neuhausen; Nadia T. Chung; James V. Lacey Jr; Leslie Bernstein


Breast Cancer Res. 2017;19(52) 

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For 23% of women who reported using low-dose aspirin at least three times per week, we observed a modest 20% reduction in risk of developing HR-positive/HER2-negative breast cancer, which is likely responsible for the similar association observed for breast cancer overall. No such association was observed for use of regular-dose aspirin (325 mg) or other NSAIDs. We suspect that our observations could relate to the pattern of daily use of low-dose aspirin for prevention, as opposed to more sporadic patterns of use to relieve pain. Our data are intriguing as regards the role of low-dose aspirin in breast cancer prevention but this question should be revisited in cohorts with larger numbers of incident breast cancers, in which HR and HER2 status are also recorded.