Radiological Case: Metastatic Endometrial Serous Carcinoma to the Breast

Tayson Lin; David Lin, MD; Ziying Zhang, MD; Biren A. Shah, MD


Appl Radiol. 2017;46(11):42-45. 

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Metastatic disease to the breast is an uncommon but not rare occurrence. Melanomas and hematopoietic malignancies that infiltrate the breast are well documented by several investigators. Conversely, metastatic endometrial serous carcinoma to the breast, as presented in this case study, is especially unique. In order to implement the appropriate treatment, it is important to distinguish metastatic from primary breast lesions. This can be best accomplished by being cognizant that the breast is an atypical, but possible, target of metastases. Breast metastases may resemble primary breast cancer under mammogram and ultrasound. However, they usually lack the microcalcifications and spiculations characteristic of primary breast cancer. Tissue biopsies of the suspicious breast lesion are crucial for the correct diagnosis that will subsequently guide disease management and treatment.