Update on Graves Disease

Advances in Treatment of Mild, Moderate and Severe Thyroid Eye Disease

Diego Strianese


Curr Opin Ophthalmol. 2017;28(5):505-513. 

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Mild Disease

Patients complaining only of minimal corneal surface symptoms such as foreign body sensation, morning injection and itching may benefit only with ocular lubricants. Lid retraction may be temporarily treated with botunlinum toxin injection[7] or with hyaluronic acid filler. Double vision may be managed with Fresnel prisms or occlusion as temporary measures. Those patients who have a detectable progression of the signs and symptoms, even remaining in the grade of mild TED and/or having an increasing awareness of their eye disease, limiting their daily life, should start with selenium supplementation, especially if found to have low blood concentrations.[11–13]