Comparing the Effect of 0.06%, 0.12% and 0.2% Chlorhexidine on Plaque, Bleeding and Side Effects in an Experimental Gingivitis Model

A Parallel Group, Double Masked Randomized Clinical Trial

Maliha Haydari; Ayse Gul Bardakci; Odd Carsten Koldsland; Anne Merete Aass; Leiv Sandvik; Hans R. Preus


BMC Oral Health. 2017;17(118) 

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Among the commercial products, 0.2% CHX had significantly better plaque inhibiting effect than 0.12% CHX and 0.06% CHX, which showed no statistically significant difference between them in plaque prevention in this group of test persons. There were no differences in gingivitis between the groups after 3 weeks.

No clinically visible side effects were reported, except a very vague discoloration of teeth that was unevenly distributed among participants with no significant difference between groups.