The Role of Nutritional Support in the Physical and Functional Recovery of Critically Ill Patients

A Narrative Review

Danielle E. Bear; Liesl Wandrag; Judith L. Merriweather; Bronwen Connolly; Nicholas Hart; Michael P. W. Grocott


Crit Care. 2017;21(226) 

In This Article


As survivorship after critical illness becomes an increasing focus of attention, future trials of nutrition during and following critical illness should consider specific factors that could provide measureable benefits in terms of both physical and functional recovery. Such factors include strategies to ensure adequate delivery of the intervention, provision of nutrition over a time frame in which it is biologically plausible to observe a difference in the desired outcome and selection of appropriate and consistent outcomes recorded at clinically relevant time points. Important outcomes include muscle mass, function and quality of life. In addition, patient selection of those most likely to benefit from nutritional interventions and nutrition research in the post-ICU phase merits specific attention.