Serial Surgical Debridement of Common Pressure Injuries in the Nursing Home Setting

Outcomes and Findings

Bardia Anvar, MD; Henry Okonkwo, PA-C


Wounds. 2017;29(7):215-221. 

In This Article


Traditional bedside debridement, a time-proven method, provides excellent results in reducing the square surface area for the majority of wounds. Whether used alone or as an adjunct to any treatment plan, the use of surgical sharp equipment to remove devitalized tissue from the surface of the wound bed aids in achieving good wound healing and advancing the rate of wound closure. Devitalized tissue can retard wound closure and be a source of wound infection and wound inflammation.[14] Rapid removal of these identified barriers to wound healing is easily achieved by sharp debridement. Although wound healing requires many components, using a technique like sharp debridement can effectively remove devitalized tissue and is a proven significant component to advancing wound closure.