Maine Orthopaedic Review Challenge

Test Your Knowledge of Treating Fractures in Trauma Patients

Bruce F. Gomberg, MD; Brad J. Yoo, MD


August 24, 2017

MRI anatomical evaluations after intra-articular gadolinium studies have identified no extravasation of contrast material when transfixation wires are placed more than 14 mm from the subchondral bone.[3] This anatomical characteristic is particularly relevant if wires are placed directly posterior across the proximal tibial cortex, where the knee capsular reflection has the greatest distance from the subchondral bone. Posteromedially, the distance was 2-4 mm. Laterally, this distance ranged from 6-9 mm. Anteromedially, the distance from the joint capsule to the subchondral bone was 11 mm.


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