Family Medicine Physicians Speak Out on Burnout and Resilience

Determine Your Personal and Professional Priorities

Lauren Elise Moak Williams, MD


September 06, 2017

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Hello. My name is Lauren Williams. I am a family medicine resident at the University of Minnesota/North Memorial Program. For me, wellness is really about priorities. I have a lot of priorities. As a family medicine resident, clearly, my program, patients, and clinical duties are essential and a wonderful way that I can engage in my profession and community. These are high priorities for me.

[T]he more that I can say no, the more fully that I can say yes to the things that I passionately care about.

But that is not the only thing about me. I'm also the wife of another physician, which can sometimes make things difficult. But we are able to prioritize our relationship and set aside some of our clinical duties or other commitments to make time for each other. That is key in the midst of our busy lives.

I care a lot about health and wellness, so physical movement, eating well, and sleeping are also priorities for me. They have really allowed me to maintain my sense of self and my sense of wholeness.

Priorities are also about learning when to say no. That is a hard thing for me. I like to be involved in just about everything, but I have found that the more that I can say no, the more fully that I can say yes to the things that I passionately care about and that I want to commit myself fully to.


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