Communication and Decision-Making About End-of-Life Care in the Intensive Care Unit

Laura Anne Brooks, RN, MN; Elizabeth Manias, RN, BPharm, MPharm, MNStud, PhD, DLF-ACN, MPSA, MSHPA; Patricia Nicholson, RN, PhD


Am J Crit Care. 2017;26(4):336-341. 

In This Article

Data Collection

Focus groups were conducted by 1 author (L.A.B.) in the ICU tutorial room—a quiet area adjacent to the clinical area. In focus groups, participants were asked about their experience and perspective of initiating EOL care in the ICU. Communication, education, and collaboration in EOL care also were explored. The focus groups were audio-recorded and the recordings were transcribed verbatim. To compare the perceptions and experiences of the 2 professional groups, focus groups for nurses and physicians were conducted separately.