Communication and Decision-Making About End-of-Life Care in the Intensive Care Unit

Laura Anne Brooks, RN, MN; Elizabeth Manias, RN, BPharm, MPharm, MNStud, PhD, DLF-ACN, MPSA, MSHPA; Patricia Nicholson, RN, PhD


Am J Crit Care. 2017;26(4):336-341. 

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This study provided rich insights into the practices and understandings of nurses and physicians caring for patients and their families at the EOL. In particular, nurses and physicians acknowledged the requirement for improved communication and decision-making practices regarding initiating EOL care in the ICU. Clear organizational processes that support the introduction of nurse and physician leaders of EOL care are essential to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients, patients' family members, and clinicians. Further research should focus on communication of nurses and physicians with patients' families and evaluation of EOL collaborative decision-making frameworks.