Kitchen Clinician: Chef David Bouley's Mission to Boost Our Brains Through Food

Drew Ramsey, MD


August 10, 2017

Advice for Psychiatrists

Dr Ramsey: Psychiatrists around the country are going to see this video, who will then sit with thousands and thousands of patients over the next few weeks. What are the pearls that you'd want to make sure they tell their patients with mental health disorders?

Chef Bouley: They need more clarity and should do a little research on their own. A lot of things are affecting people today beyond sugar and bad fats, and people need to understand more about the power of the good foods. From a psychological perspective, don't try to get them to change habits, but maybe you can turn them onto new habits, which is much easier.

Definitely try to get [patients to consume] more omega-3s and try to reduce the omega-6s. Understand where they are with their B vitamins. Are they even getting B-vitamin foods? Certain B vitamins are essential to the nervous system.

Also, they should think about eating less food, and eating more for energy and not for storage. This country grew so fast and didn't know where all the food was going to come from. We are the biggest refrigerator on the planet. We're so used to eating oversized portions; maybe they should stop eating a little bit earlier than they're used to. When they're eating food, they're getting energy. They have to stop before that energy flow finishes.


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