Working Less Can Make You More Productive

Gregory A. Hood, MD


August 01, 2017

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Tips for Better Managing Your Time

Recognize that time isn't the only variable that you must manage.

Accept that there are limitations to what your mind and body can achieve.

Be wary of the allure of controlled substances (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder medications, testosterone, and others) to overcome such problems or limitations for you.

Allot time for rest at work as well as at home.

Allot time for creative thought—for example, to brainstorm about difficult clinical challenges.

Insist on time for exercise and proper nutrition.

Take a long view of your schedule, not just today's or tomorrow's appointment slots. Consider revising your schedule to include long-term, repetitive opportunities for energy and problem management.

Don't put off making needed changes because you're tired. You'll only stay tired.


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