Do You Value 'Empowered' Patients?

July 06, 2017

Much time and attention have been devoted to "empowering" patients, and from the patients' viewpoint, to learning how to become an empowered patient.

In Medscape's Medicine 3.0: Patient-Generated Data event, Eric Topol, MD, and panelists discussed the changing relationship between physicians and patients, as patients have more access to medical information and more responsibility for their own health.

But what does an empowered patient mean to you?

Do physicians consider some "empowered" patients to be helpful or aggravating? Many physicians go to great effort to get patients more involved in their own care. Other physicians have complained that it takes too much time when patients arrive with pages of printouts from unreliable medical sources, and other patients prefer that the physician just "tell me what to do."


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