Pirfenidone and Nintedanib for Treatment of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Gayathri Sathiyamoorthy, MD; Sameep Sehgal, MD; Rendell W. Ashton, MD


South Med J. 2017;110(6):393-398. 

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Decision to Initiate and Continue Treatment

The diagnosis of IPF should be made via multidisciplinary case discussion, which includes pulmonologists, radiologists, and pathologists. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, treatment with pirfenidone or nintedanib can be initiated in patients with mild to moderate disease. Controversy surrounds the limitation of treatment to patients who meet the inclusion criteria outlined in the various studies, however. It is unclear whether patients with mild or severe disease or those who are actively deteriorating would benefit from the initiation and continuation of treatment. Treatment often is guided on an ongoing basis by expert opinion along with patient input.