Nurses Are Talking About: Concerns and Misconceptions About Foreign Nurses and Visas

Troy Brown, RN


June 02, 2017

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Advice to Current TN Nurses

Mr Topoleski said that he and his colleagues are giving Canadian nurses who want to work in the United States much the same advice that they always have, except that they are doing so more aggressively at the beginning, before they go to the border.

They are reminding nurses of what they need to know to ensure that they are qualified for this visa category, giving them tips so that they know how to respond to questions about whether they are qualified or not, and encouraging them to document any cases of perceived harassment or misinformation and the name of the staff person they are dealing with.

"If they receive comments that can be construed as harassment, or incorrect statements of the law, they should be very vigilant in making a note of those conversations, making a note of the name of the officer at the time, so that we can raise those issues with leadership at the border. We've always done that, but we're probably a little more aggressive about it now on the front end," Mr Topoleski said.

Editor's Note: H-1B visas cost upwards of $3000, depending on several variables, compared with $56 to $325 for TN-1 (Canadian) visas, based on whether the applicant applies at the border or through US Citizenship and Immigration Services. TN-2 visas for Mexican nationals cost slightly more. Regular processing of H-1B visas can take 6 months or longer; US Citizenship and Immigration Services suspended expedited processing of H-1B visa applications for up to 6 months, effective April 3, 2017. TN visas obtained at the Canadian border can be processed immediately (see Web Resources for details).

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