Nurses Are Talking About: Concerns and Misconceptions About Foreign Nurses and Visas

Troy Brown, RN


June 02, 2017

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Canadian Nurses Are Filling a Need

A number of nurses wrote in to say that they value Canadian nurses. One nurse wrote: "[H]ere in the Detroit area...virtually every hospital employs at least a few Canadian nurses, many in advanced practice positions. We need them! They are vital to patient care.... I don't know any nurses who are unemployed who don't want to be."

Another wrote: "This has been taken to a ridiculous level—Canadian nurses have never taken jobs away from American Nurses. We have facilitated staffing assistance on both sides of the border over many years! American nurses have been welcomed to Canada when shortages happened as well!"

One reader wrote that he/she found many of the readers' comments "disturbing": "I agree we [in the nursing] profession have issues we need to address; however, being uncaring, disrespectful, and unprofessional is not the correct path. Referring to your peers and colleagues as foreigners and making comments such as, 'Why should we care about [Canadian] and [Mexican] nurses?' is disturbing to hear from a profession that has been ranked as the MOST caring."

"We work with hospitals here in Detroit, an urban area, and it's very difficult to get nurses to come and work here, and so every hospital in Detroit has tens, if not hundreds, of nursing openings at any given time because they can't keep their departments filled. If you had a way to get 100 American nurses, they would get sucked up in an instant," Mr Topoleski said.


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