Iron Therapy in Patients With Heart Failure and Iron Deficiency

Review of Iron Preparations for Practitioners

Marcin Drozd; Ewa A. Jankowska; Waldemar Banasiak; Piotr Ponikowski


Am J Cardiovasc Drugs. 2017;17(3):183-201. 

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Despite normal access to elemental iron in the diet, the majority of HF patients in developed countries develop ID, and the origin of disordered iron homeostasis in these subjects appears complex and remains not fully understood. Oral iron therapy did not lead to iron repletion and was not translated into any clinical benefits. ID is associated with reduced survival. So far it has been demonstrated that IV iron therapy in ID patients with HFrEF mainly improves exercise capacity, quality of life, and alleviates HF symptoms. The hypothesis of whether IV iron therapy reduces mortality has not been verified yet and further large-scale mortality-morbidity trials have been initiated in acute ( AFFIRM-AHF, NCT02937454) and in chronic HF ( IRONMEN, NCT02642562).