Best Places to Practice to Avoid Burnout

Leigh Page


May 10, 2017

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A Look at Malpractice and Lawsuits

23. Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Basics

  • Virginia has a low crime rate and a strong military presence.

  • Physicians have had a smaller number of medical board disciplinary actions, but the number of lawsuits is fairly high.

  • Virginia Beach has a strong Navy presence and plenty of activities.

State Profile: Virginia is home to the Pentagon and more than 20 military bases, including the Marine Corps Officer Candidate School at Quantico and Naval Station Norfolk, the world's largest naval station. It has been rated the eighth safest state, with the third lowest rate of violent crimes. It is ranked the 10th most livable and the 10th most family-friendly state.

Relief for Doctors: The state has been ranked as having the 10th fewest medical board disciplinary actions, but it has the sixth lowest physician income. On other rankings, it is in the middle of the pack. For example, it has the 21st highest number of malpractice lawsuits per capita.

City Profile: Virginia Beach, which today has a population of 450,000, resulted from the consolidation of several townships more than 50 years ago. It is a resort city that lies adjacent to the home base of the US Navy's Atlantic Fleet. It has been rated the second most happy, the fifth most family-friendly, and the third most conservative city. There is plenty to do here. The Neptune Festival attracts 500,000 visitors a year, and the city is the home of the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Virginia Beach Amphitheater.

24. Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Basics

  • Colorado offers a lot of diversions from work, and people seem very content.

  • Many physicians rely on nurse practitioners and physician assistants, but there has been a high rate of board actions.

  • Colorado Springs has many military personnel and offers many things to do.

State Profile: Colorado's beautiful Rocky Mountains offer many diversions from work, including skiing, hiking, climbing, rafting, or just looking at the scenery. The state has been ranked the fifth highest in well-being, the fifth happiest, and the sixth most livable state. But it also has the 10th highest divorce rate and the 11th worst drivers for accidents and fatalities. Marijuana shops became legal here in 2014, but public consumption is still illegal.

Relief for Doctors: The state has been ranked eighth highest in medical board actions.

City Profile: Colorado Springs has been rated the fifth best place to live in America, the second best city for families, the second best city for conservatives to live, and the sixth most dog-friendly city. It is the home of the Air Force Academy and the Air Force Space Command at Patterson Air Force Base, and it also hosts a zoo, an art museum, and an Olympic training center.

25. Cheyenne, Wyoming

The Basics

  • Wyoming is an easy-going state that still has the feel of the Old West.

  • Physicians have a high number of lawsuits.

  • Cheyenne is a livable city with a great education system.

State Profile: Wyoming, the least populated state, still looks like the Old West. People ride horseback through town, and many residents dress like cowboys. It's said that if you leave your key in your car's ignition, chances are it will still be there in the morning. It has been rated the seventh most family friendly and the 13th happiest state, with the eighth lowest violent crime rate. But it also has the sixth highest divorce rate and the 13th worst drivers for accidents, infractions, and fatalities.

Relief for Doctors: The state has been rated with the third harshest medical board, the fourth highest number of malpractice lawsuits per capita, and the 10th lowest physician income.

City Profile: Cheyenne is the capital and biggest city in Wyoming, with 60,000 people. Cheyenne Frontier Days is billed as the country's largest outdoor rodeo. It has been rated as the fourth most livable city[9] with the second best education system in the nation.


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