Best Places to Practice to Avoid Burnout

Leigh Page


May 10, 2017

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Cultural Diversions Reduce Stress

20. Providence, Rhode Island

The Basics

  • Rhode Island ranks high in safety.

  • Patients are relatively well covered, but there is a good physician-to-patient ratio.

  • Providence offers many cultural diversions for physicians.

State Profile: Rhode Island, the smallest state in the area, wraps around the majestic Narragansett Bay, where you can sail, swim, or take in the sun. The state is ranked the 19th most livable, the 27th happiest, and the fourth safest state, and its drivers are rated the fifth best in the country for accidents and fatalities. But it has the ninth highest cost of living.

Relief for Doctors: The state has the third highest rate of insurance coverage, the third highest rate of employer-sponsored health insurance, and the 14th healthiest populations. It has the fourth best ratio of primary care physicians to population, and its medical board has the 13th fewest medical board disciplinary actions. However, Rhode Island physicians have the second lowest income.

City Profile: Providence was recently named "the coolest city you haven't been to," by GQ.[8] The magazine praised its restaurants, museums, and nightlife. The city is rated the second most cultured city, the 18th best music scene, and the seventh most liberal college town in the country.

21. Princeton, New Jersey

The Basics

  • New Jersey has many small, livable towns.

  • Physicians face a high number of lawsuits but a smaller number of medical board disciplinary actions.

  • Princeton is a small city with highly educated people and good schools.

State Profile: New Jersey has some large, decaying cities like Newark and Camden but also myriads of quaint, small towns scattered across the state. It is the fourth most livable state, but it has the 10th highest cost of living. It is the only state where attendants still fill your gas tank, and it has the eighth best drivers in the country for accidents and fatalities.

Relief for Doctors: Doctors here face the seventh highest number of malpractice lawsuits per capita, but the medical board has been ranked the 11th least harsh. If you prefer being your own boss, the state has the third highest percentage of independent physicians in the country.

City Profile: Princeton, home of the Ivy League college of the same name, has 29,000 people and is an equal distance between New York City and Philadelphia. It is the official residence of the New Jersey governor and was home to Albert Einstein and Woodrow Wilson. The town is rated as having the sixth best schools in America.

22. Columbia, Maryland

The Basics

  • Maryland has a high level of well-being but also a high cost of living.

  • Physicians are rather plentiful, but they have a relatively low income.

  • Columbia is a planned community that is family-oriented.

State Profile: Maryland residents tend to identify themselves by area, such as Baltimore, the Eastern Shore, or the D.C. suburbs. The eastern part of the state wraps around the gorgeous Chesapeake Bay, where Maryland's blue crabs are farmed. The state has been ranked the fourth highest in well-being, the seventh most livable, with the third lowest divorce rate and the 15th best drivers for accidents and fatalities. But it has the seventh highest cost of living.

Relief for Doctors: The state has been rated as having the eighth least harsh medical board and the sixth highest proportion of primary care physicians to population. But it has the seventh lowest hospital patient satisfaction, and physicians have the lowest average income of any state.

City Profile: Columbia, a city of just over 100,000 people, is a planned community that turns 50 this year. It has been ranked the best place to live, the best place to raise a family, the ninth best educated city, and the best place to live for pet lovers.


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