Best Places to Practice to Avoid Burnout

Leigh Page


May 10, 2017

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Big City, Small City?

17. Chicago, Illinois

The Basics

  • Illinois has an unusually low divorce rate and has an average level of happiness.

  • Physicians often have independent practices and face a fairly low number of lawsuits.

  • Chicago is quite happy among the big cities, and its high murder rate is relatively contained.

State Profile: Illinois, dominated by Chicago and its suburbs, has been ranked the 25th happiest state but the 14th lowest state for well-being. It has the second lowest divorce rate and is ranked the eighth best state for golf. It is also rated the 20th most livable state and the 17th safest state.

Relief for Doctors: The state has the third highest percentage of independent physicians and has the seventh lowest number of malpractice lawsuits. It ranks in the middle of the pack in other measurements for physicians.

City Profile: Chicago provides many diversions from work. A pioneer of improvisational comedy, it also has the second most active theater scene, the 11th best music scene, and the second best farmers market. It has been ranked the eighth happiest big city and the seventh low-stress city but also the third most stressed city. Though it has one of the highest murder rates, it has many safe neighborhoods.[7] It has been rated the fourth worst city for driving for accidents and fatalities, but it has the second largest rapid transit ridership, and it is rated the most bike-friendly city and the sixth most walkable city in the country. Chicago is also cited as the fifth most dog-friendly city, the 12th coolest city, and the fifth best sports city.

18. Boise, Idaho

The Basics

  • Idaho is quite happy and relatively safe, but it has a high divorce rate.

  • Physicians still tend to be independent, but many patients aren't insured.

  • Boise is family-oriented and offers a lot of outdoor activities.

State Profile: In Idaho, a popular bumper sticker reads, “Welcome to Idaho—Now Go Home!” Residents like to keep their state's charms a secret. It has been rated the sixth happiest state and the 24th safest state, with the fifth lowest violent crime rate and the 12th best drivers in the country for accidents, infractions, and fatalities. However, it has the fifth highest divorce rate.

Relief for Doctors: The state has the seventh highest percentage of independent physicians and the sixth lowest number of malpractice lawsuits. However, the state has the 10th lowest rate of health insurance coverage, meaning that many patients may have a lot of untreated health conditions.

City Profile: Boise is a small, spacious city with a laid-back lifestyle and many outdoor activities to choose from. Hiking starts in the foothills just north of the city. It has been rated the second best city to raise a family, the 27th best place to live, the 27th most bike-friendly city, and the 11th least obese city. It is also rated the fifth best city for conservatives to live. The nearest big cities, Portland and Seattle, are a 6- to 8-hour drive.

19. Omaha, Nebraska

The Basics

  • Nebraska is happy and friendly, but in some areas it has some safety issues.

  • The state has a healthy population, and patients are less likely to overwhelm practices.

  • Omaha is family-friendly and presents lower traffic risks for accidents and fatalities.

State Profile: Nebraska, where it is said that residents are known for starting conversations with strangers, has been rated the eighth happiest state with the 15th lowest rate of violent crime. It is ranked the 20th best state for golf and has the 13th lowest cost of living.

Relief for Doctors: Nebraska has the 10th healthiest population and the ninth highest rate of hospital patient satisfaction in the country. It has the 10th best ratio of primary care physicians to the population in the country. Though it has the 15th highest rate of malpractice lawsuits in the nation, Nebraska boasts the fourth highest physician income.

City Profile: Omaha, where the TV dinner was invented, has been rated the best city for families, third best city to relocate to, and the best city for drivers for accidents and fatalities. It has the 13th highest score for well-being among mid-sized cities with the third best healthcare. It has also been ranked the sixth most secure and the eighth most conservative city. It boasts a planetarium, a zoo, a conservation area, galleries, and the Old Market, an area of cobblestone streets.


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