Best Places to Practice to Avoid Burnout

Leigh Page


May 10, 2017

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11. Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Basics

  • Michigan is a state of great contrasts in livability scores.

  • Physicians here face a somewhat lower number of medical board disciplinary actions.

  • Grand Rapids has strong family values and is very safe.

State Profile: Michigan has widely contrasting livability scores. It is ranked the eighth least happy and the 18th least livable state. On the other hand, it has also been ranked the 25th safest state, with the seventh best drivers for accidents and fatalities, and it is rated the sixth best state for golf. It has the third lowest cost of living.

Relief for Doctors: The state's medical board has the 12th lowest number of medical board disciplinary actions, but it has the 19th highest rate of malpractice lawsuits. The state does not stand out in other doctor-related statistics used for this report.

City Profile: Grand Rapids, located on the western side of the state, lives in a totally different universe from Detroit. It is a conservative city, home to education secretary Betsy DeVos, and has a strong economy. It has been rated the best city in which to raise a family and the second safest city in the country. It is ranked the 16th happiest city, the 33rd most bike-friendly city, and the 38th best-run city in the country.

12. Honolulu, Hawaii

The Basics

  • Hawaii is a center for rejuvenation and has high ratings for happiness.

  • The state has the healthiest population in the nation, with high coverage rates.

  • Honolulu is known for low stress and high rates of well-being.

State Profile: Hawaii is a place for restoring one's energy. It's been rated the highest state for well-being, the fourth happiest state, and the ninth most livable state in the nation. However, it has the highest cost of living in the nation and is a 5-hour flight from the mainland. Hawaii has no first-rank professional sports teams and limited live entertainment. It is ranked the 13th best state for golf.

Relief for Doctors: Hawaii has the healthiest population in the nation, and they have the seventh highest rate of health insurance coverage, but the state has the fourth lowest hospital patient satisfaction. Hawaiian physicians have the eighth lowest income in the nation, but the state has the best ratio of primary care physicians to population. The medical board has the 17th fewest medical board disciplinary actions.

City Profile: Honolulu has the fourth highest score for well-being among mid-sized cities, and it is rated the third happiest, the third least-stressed, the third best city for coping with stress, and the 10th happiest. Honolulu has the healthiest population. It also cited as the 37th most livable city, with the seventh most parkland per household of any US city, and the seventh least obese city in the nation.

13. Salt Lake City, Utah

The Basics

  • Utah is family-friendly and has a relatively low rate of violent crime.

  • Physicians here may have a high volume of patients, but the state has a relatively healthy population.

  • Salt Lake City is focused on religion and doesn't have a large number of other cultural diversions.

State Profile: Utah's dominant Mormon faith champions clean living. Utah has the ninth lowest violent crime rate and has been rated the happiest in the nation, as well as the second most family-friendly and the 11th most livable state. There are plenty of recreational opportunities in the mountains outside of Salt Lake City and the national parks in southern Utah.

Relief for Doctors: Utah physicians face the ninth lowest number of malpractice lawsuits. The state has the seventh healthiest population in the country, but Utah has the 10th lowest percentage of primary care physicians to population, putting physicians at greater risk of being inundated with a high volume of patients. The state also has the ninth highest percentage of independent physicians and the seventh highest physician income.

City Profile: Sixty percent of Salt Lake City residents attend church services weekly.[3] It has been rated the second happiest city and has the healthiest population. It is the 11th best for well-being among large cities and the 29th best for families. Despite strict limits on alcohol, it has a good nightlife, and it is rated the 14th most bike-friendly, the best large city for traffic among large cities, and the fourth best city for drivers for accidents and fatalities.


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