Best Places to Practice to Avoid Burnout

Leigh Page


May 10, 2017

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Many Factors to Weigh

5. Burlington, Vermont

The Basics

  • Vermont ranks as very safe, but it has a high cost of living.

  • Physicians here are more likely to have a manageable patient volume.

  • Burlington is a friendly, close-knit city with an outdoors lifestyle.

State Profile: Vermont offers a calming rural life. It has been rated the eighth most livable state, the sixth best state for well-being, and the third most family-friendly state, with the second best drivers in the nation for accidents and fatalities. It is ranked the safest state in the nation, with the lowest violent crime rate. However, it has the eighth highest cost of living.

Relief for Doctors: Vermont has been rated the state with the second healthiest population and has the second highest rate of health insurance coverage. It has the highest hospital patient satisfaction in the nation and the second highest proportion of primary care physicians—making it more likely that doctors will have a manageable number of patients. And Vermont is ranked the ninth highest in practices' teamwork with physician assistants or nurse practitioners.

City Profile: Burlington, a small, close-knit city on a big lake (Lake Champlain), has been rated the ninth happiest small city, the 10th friendliest city, and the 23rd best college town in the country. Winters are long and snowy, and the city is fairly isolated. It's a 2-hour drive to Montreal and 3 and a half hours to Boston.

6. Manchester, New Hampshire

The Basics

  • New Hampshire is a very livable, mostly safe state.

  • Physicians here have a healthy population and a lower rate of malpractice suits.

  • Manchester offers many diversions from work.

State Profile: The state has been ranked as the third most livable and 11th happiest state. It is rated the most family-friendly and the third safest in the country, with the fourth lowest violent crime rate.

Relief for Doctors: New Hampshire has the fifth healthiest population, and the hospital patients are the third most satisfied in the nation. The state has the highest rate of employer-sponsored health insurance and fourth highest rate of health insurance coverage in the nation. New Hampshire has the fifth lowest rate of malpractice lawsuits and the fifth highest physician income.

City Profile: Manchester, the largest city in northern New England, has a bustling downtown and is a short drive from beaches and ski slopes. It has a high number of gyms and farmers markets. Manchester has been rated the 13th best city overall, the ninth best city for healthcare, and the second most tax-friendly city.

7. Boston, Massachusetts

The Basics

  • Massachusetts residents have high levels of well-being and safety.

  • The state has a relatively healthy population.

  • Boston provides many cultural attractions, but it does have higher stress and bad traffic.

State Profile: Massachusetts has been rated the most livable state, with the 14th highest rating for well-being. It is the eighth most family-friendly state and has the fourth lowest divorce rate. The state has been rated the second safest with the sixth best drivers for accidents and fatalities. However, it has the fourth highest cost of living, and residents have the ninth lowest interest in wildlife-related recreation in the nation, but it is ranked the 17th best state for golf.

Relief for Doctors: The state has the third healthiest population, perhaps because the state has the highest rate of insurance coverage in the nation. Massachusetts physicians also have the 11th lowest number of malpractice lawsuits. The state has the fourth best ratio of primary care physicians to population.

City Profile: Boston is ranked the fifth happiest big city and the seventh best large metro area for well-being but also the eighth most stressed city with the worst traffic of any big city. There are lots of things to do. It has also been cited as the seventh most cultural city, the seventh coolest city, the 24th best music scene, and the third most walkable city. It is rated the first most family-friendly, the sixth most dog-friendly, the 17th most bike-friendly, and the fifth most liberal city.


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