Trends in Repeat Births and Use of Postpartum Contraception Among Teens — United States, 2004–2015

Deborah L. Dee, PhD; Karen Pazol, PhD; Shanna Cox, MSPH; Ruben A. Smith, PhD; Katherine Bower, PhD; Martha Kapaya, MPH; Amy Fasula, PhD; Ayanna Harrison; Charlan D. Kroelinger, PhD; Denise D'Angelo, MPH; Leslie Harrison, MPH; Emilia H. Koumans, MD; Nikki Mayes; Wanda D. Barfield, MD; Lee Warner, PhD


Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. 2017;66(16):422-426. 

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Current Postpartum Contraceptive use — 31 States, 2013

In 2013, among teens with a recent live birth, 82.8% reported postpartum using contraception, with 26.9% using most effective, 40.2% using moderately effective, and 15.7% using least effective methods (Table 1). By state, the percentage of teens with a recent live birth who reported using a most effective method postpartum ranged from 11.4% in New York City to 51.5% in Colorado, and the percentage using no method ranged from 4.9% in Vermont to 33.8% in New Jersey.