Implementation of a Diabetes Transition of Care Program

Jeanne M. Little, DNP, CPNP-AC/PC; Janice A. Odiaga, DNP, CPNP-PC; Carla Z. Minutti, MD


J Pediatr Health Care. 2017;31(2):215-221. 

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Transition Data Registry Results

The transition data registry consisted of 39 patients 14 to 21 years of age with Type 1 diabetes. Of the 39 patients identified by the registry, six patients were not included in the pilot study because they had already transitioned to adult care, had transferred care to another organization, or did not have a documented encounter in the last 12 months. This left 33 patients eligible for transition planning. See Table 1 for characteristics of patients identified in the transition registry.

TRAQ Results

Baseline transition readiness was assessed in 21 of the 33 originally identified registry patients (64%). The mean HgA1c level for the 21 patients completing the TRAQ was 9.85%. The overall mean TRAQ skill score was 66.62 out of 100 (maximum possible score) with a standard deviation of 16.36. See Table 2 for the results of each TRAQ skill category. The Pearson coefficient (0.180) found no significant correlation between a high TRAQ score and a lower HgA1c.