Feasibility and Safety of Dilatational Tracheotomy Using the Rigid Endoscope

A Multicenter Study

Andreas Nowak; Peter Kern; Sven Koscielny; Taras I. Usichenko; Klaus Hahnenkamp; Markus Jungehülsing; Matthias Tittel; Jens Oeken; Eckart Klemm


BMC Anesthesiol. 2017;17(7) 

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The use of TED for PDT is feasible in clinical setting. The procedure time and the incidences of complications and adverse events are comparable with those of flexible bronchoscopy. Tracheal ring fractures in PDT cannot be avoided by the use of a rigid endoscope. With TED, the airway always remains open thus the use of jet ventilation via the TED during PDT is possible. The question whether the use of TED during PDT may reduce the rate of complications should be addressed in a randomized clinical trial.