Managing Medications for Hospital Patients With Parkinson Disease

Dorothy J. Moore; Bonnie M. Smith; Maria H. Cho


Am Nurs Journal. 2017;12(1) 

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Medication and Mealtimes: A Coordinating Act

Take the time to understand your patient's specific medication regimen and meal schedule. Patients may have individualized schedules for medication and meals, which may differ dramatically from standard hospital schedules. At home, patients typically customize their medication schedules to their lifestyle; some may take PD medications as often as every 2 hours. For an early riser, a four-timesdaily dosing schedule may mean 6 A.M., 11 A.M., 4 P.M., and 9 P.M., which aren't typical hospital administration times. Many patients become highly dependent on their at-home schedule.

Work with your patient, the hospital pharmacy, and the patient's physician to establish a medication schedule as close as possible to the patient's home schedule. Also, make every attempt to administer drugs at consistent times. Know that PD medications must be given at specific times, not simply within the common hospital window of an hour before to an hour after the scheduled time.