Future Prospects for New Vaccines Against Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sami L. Gottlieb; Christine Johnston


Curr Opin Infect Dis. 2017;30(1):77-86. 

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Twenty-five years ago, the outlook for development and implementation of the first STI vaccines, against HPV and hepatitis B, seemed bleak.[1] Yet in the ensuing years, these vaccines became major advances for global public health. Following on these successes, development of a new generation of STI vaccines is now within reach. Multiple promising vaccine candidates in early clinical trials provide real hope that a therapeutic HSV vaccine is on the horizon. The first new chlamydia vaccine candidate has entered Phase I trials, and several more candidates may soon follow. Emerging challenges to STI control, such as antimicrobial resistance for gonorrhea and new syphilis outbreaks, create a new urgency for these vaccines. Although challenges remain, the STI vaccine roadmap provides a guide for capitalizing on the momentum to develop STI vaccines.[20,21] With continued support and collaboration, these much needed vaccines can be made a reality.