Maine Orthopaedic Review Monthly Challenge

Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Total Hip Arthroplasty

Bruce F. Gomberg, MD; Ira Kirschenbaum, MD


January 11, 2017

Assessment of the extent and classification of heterotopic ossification (HO) severity is made on the basis of radiographic evaluation. HO may become visible 3 -4 weeks postoperatively. The maturation process usually takes 1-2 years, which can be monitored through serial radiographs or bone scintigraphy. Once HO becomes visible on radiographs, indomethacin prophylaxis will not help and only surgical excision will eradicate it. Excision of HO is rarely required after THA or TKA. However, if surgical excision is warranted because of pain or limitation of motion, the procedure should be delayed until at least 6 months after the index arthroplasty (preferably 12-18 months) to permit maturation of HO and the development of a fibrous capsule.[1,2]


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