Guidelines for Business of Medicine Article Submissions

January 10, 2017

Guidelines for Medscape Business of Medicine Submissions

Appropriate Subjects for Submitted Articles

  • Practice problems and solutions: describe a practice problem or challenge you encountered, and how you solved it.

  • Dealing with today's medical challenges: advice to other physicians telling how you handled issues regarding ethics, patients, legal or malpractice issues, colleague relationships, working with an electronic health record, or other situations a physician may encounter.

  • Unusual situations you've faced in the course of being a physician.

  • Personal experiences that changed your outlook or how you evolved as physician.

  • Word count limit is up to 1800 words.

How to Reference Sources

Please reference any sources or quotes, whether from an online journal, newspaper, or other medium. The reference format is as follows:

Author. Title of article. Name of publication. Date. Hyperlink (not followed by punctuation) Date accessed.

Page L. Employed vs self-employed physicians: who's happier? These are the tradeoffs. Medscape Business of Medicine. June 14, 2016. Accessed December 19, 2016.

Please send submissions to

Acceptance of articles and editing are at the discretion of Medscape.


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