Updates in the Management of Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis

G. Blair Sarbacker, PharmD, BCACP


US Pharmacist. 2016;41(7):30-34. 

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Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis

In seasonal allergic rhinitis, the triggering allergens do not occur year-round; rather, they are present for a specific time period.[8] Depending on the allergens and the location, the length of exposure is variable. It can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis, since a patient with multiple seasonal triggering allergens may exhibit symptoms year-round. Accordingly, seasonal allergic rhinitis may present with intermittent or persistent symptoms. Some allergens, such as mold, may be considered either seasonal or perennial. Perennial allergic rhinitis may be compounded by additional seasonal allergens. Therefore, knowledge of the symptom severity and frequency is of paramount importance in determining the most appropriate treatment.[8]