Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Atopic Dermatitis

An Evidence-Based Review

Brittany L. Vieira; Neil R. Lim; Mary E. Lohman; Peter A. Lio;


Am J Clin Dermatol. 2016;17(6):557-581. 

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AD remains a challenging disease that causes significant morbidity. With its complex etiology and many remaining pathophysiological mysteries, there is ample room for innovative therapies to emerge. While conventional treatments offer significant relief for many patients, risks—both real and perceived—and personal preference may lead to explorations of alternative and complementary treatments. While evidence in this realm is relatively sparse and of lesser quality than that of most conventional medications, well-designed trials do indeed exist, with occasional agreement between studies. Undoubtedly, more RCTs and comparative efficacy studies are necessary for these alternative treatments; with luck, some of them may well become mainstream in time.