Preventing Parastomal Hernia Using a Modified Sugarbaker Technique With Composite Mesh During Laparoscopic Abdominoperineal Resection

A Randomized Controlled Trial

Manuel López-Cano, MD; Xavier Serra-Aracil, MD; Laura Mora, MD; José Luis Sánchez-García, MD; Luis Miguel Jiménez-Gómez, MD; Marc Martí, MD; Francesc Vallribera, MD; Domenico Fraccalvieri, MD; Anna Serracant, MD; Esther Kreisler, MD; Sebastiano Biondo, MD; Eloy Espín, MD; Salvador Navarro-Soto, MD; Manuel Armengol-Carrasco, MD


Annals of Surgery. 2016;264(6):923-928. 

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Placement of a prosthetic mesh by the laparoscopic approach following the modified Sugarbaker technique is effective and safe in the prevention of PH, reducing significantly the incidence of PH.