Cost-Effectiveness and Public Health Effect of Influenza Vaccine Strategies for U.S. Elderly Adults

Jonathan M. Raviotta, MPH; Kenneth J. Smith, MD, MS; Jay DePasse, BS; Shawn T. Brown, PhD; Eunha Shim, PhD; Mary Patricia Nowalk, PhD; Richard K. Zimmerman, MD, MPH


J Am Geriatr Soc. 2016;64(10):2126-2131. 

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Based on available data and robust analyses, high-dose IIV3 for adults aged 65 and older is likely to be an economically favorable influenza vaccination strategy with a clear, moderate public health effect. A revision of CDC influenza vaccination recommendations for elderly adults may be warranted, pending confirmation of heightened effectiveness of high-dose IIV3 and further investigation of adjuvanted IIV3 effectiveness in the general population of individuals aged 65 and older.