Got the Travel Bug? A Review of Common Infections, Infestations, Bites, and Stings Among Returning Travelers

Matthew P. Vasievich; Jose Dario Martinez Villarreal; Kenneth J. Tomecki


Am J Clin Dermatol. 2016;17(5):451-462. 

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Skin disease is a common complaint in returning travelers. This review has addressed the most common diseases that affect individuals returning from Western hemisphere destinations as well as from emerging destinations such as Southeast Asia. Key for diagnosis of a travel-related skin complaint is familiarity with potential disease vectors, hazardous animals, or marine life in the locale visited by the patient. Travelers should understand the risks of the natural world in their locale of travel, and patients should be counselled to take appropriate steps to avoid contact with insects or marine life that may cause harm. Thus, travelers may experience an enjoyable journey. Bon voyage!