A Practice Facilitation and Academic Detailing Intervention Can Improve Cancer Screening Rates in Primary Care Safety Net Clinics

Emily M. Mader, MPH, MPP; Chester H. Fox, MD; John W. Epling, MD, MSEd; Gary J. Noronha, MD; Carlos M. Swanger, MD; Angela M. Wisniewski, PharmD; Karen Vitale, MSEd; Amanda L. Norton, MSW; Christopher P. Morley, PhD


J Am Board Fam Med. 2016;29(5):533-542. 

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Combining practice facilitation and academic detailing is 1 method through which larger organizations (such as state departments of health) can help practices achieve systems-level changes that enable them to better manage patient population health. An important component of these changes is the optimization of EHR systems: for EHR registry systems to be utilized as tools for improving quality, the data reported must be reliable and valid.[29] The success of projects using this or other, similar methods is also dependent on the provision of adequate time and resources to initiate QI interventions, as well as interest, investment, and dedication to QI by the staff of participating practices.