Surgical Correction of Presbyopia

Lenticular, Corneal, and Scleral Approaches

Michael Greenwood, MD; Shamik Bafna, MD; Vance Thompson, MD


Int Ophthalmol Clin. 2016;56(3):149-166. 

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Extended Depth of Focus IOLs

This is the newest presbyopia-correction IOL category and is the first that provides an extended range of vision. These lenses use diffractive optics to address chromatic aberration to provide crisp vision and also to provide the patient with extended depth of focus without the drawbacks of a multifocal system. An example of a lens in this category is the TECNIS Symfony ZXROO by AMO (Abbott Park, IL). This lens uses a diffractive echelette design that is combined with an achromatic design. The combination of these 2 technologies allows a pattern of light diffraction that elongates the focus of the eye. This IOL has the CE mark and is undergoing FDA trials. Studies have shown quality vision at distance, intermediate, and near.[63]