Surgical Correction of Presbyopia

Lenticular, Corneal, and Scleral Approaches

Michael Greenwood, MD; Shamik Bafna, MD; Vance Thompson, MD


Int Ophthalmol Clin. 2016;56(3):149-166. 

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Trifocal IOLs

The trifocal IOLs include the AT LISA tri 839 MP by Carl Zeiss Meditec (Jena, Germany) and the Finevision IOL by PhysIOL (Liege, Belgium). Both IOLS currently have the CE Mark, but are not approved in the United States. The AT LISA IOL has a +3.33 D near addition and a +1.66 D intermediate addition at the IOL plane. The 6 mm optic contains a trifocal design zone within the central 4.34 mm, and a bifocal zone outside of that. The Finevision IOL has a combination of 2 diffractive structures on the anterior surface that creates asymmetric distribution of light energy to create 3 foci. This IOL is apodized so the amount of light distributed to the near, intermediate, and distance foci varies with the aperture as the height of the diffractive steps varies. This results in an addition of +1.75 and +3.5 D for intermediate and near vision, respectively. Both lenses have shown good visual outcomes at distance and good near and intermediate functional vision, with high patient satisfaction with uncorrected near vision.[61,62]