Fecal Transplantation: Any Real Hope for Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

Paul Moayyedi


Curr Opin Gastroenterol. 2016;32(4):282-286. 

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Preliminary RCT data are conflicting but there is the possibility that FMT may be effective at inducing remission in around 25% of active ulcerative colitis patients. This approach cannot be recommended for routine clinical use at present but initial data would suggest it is important to study which FMT protocols are most effective and then evaluate them against placebo in ulcerative colitis. The development of FMT capsules will help make this approach also possible in Crohn's disease and RCTs are also needed to establish whether this intervention is efficacious. There are over 500 RCTs[3] for interventions that dampen the immune response and it is time that researchers devote some RCTs to approaches that modulate what might be driving that immune response. FMT is a new and exciting approach that might achieve a more healthy gut microbiome for IBD patients.