Risk Factors for Self-reported Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or Illicit Drugs Among Older Adults

Namkee G. Choi, PhD; Diana M. DiNitto, PhD; C. Nathan Marti, PhD


Gerontologist. 2016;56(2):282-291. 

In This Article


All analyses were conducted with Stata/MP 13's svy function to take into account NSDUH's multistage, stratified sampling design. For the 5-year pooled data set for this study, adjusted person-level analysis weights were created by dividing the final person-level analysis weights by the number of years of combined data (five in the current study) following NSDUH guidelines for combining sampling weights across multiple survey years. All estimates presented in this study are weighted except for sample sizes. Descriptive statistics, t tests, and χ2 tests were used to present sample characteristics by past-year alcohol and/or illicit drug use and DUI status by age group (50–64 and 65+). Age group separate binary logistic regression analysis, with DUI status as the dependent variable, was used to test study hypotheses among those who reported past-year alcohol and/or illicit drug use and to identify DUI risk factors in each age group.