Bread Comas and Other Not-to-Miss Chicago Treats

Kathy D. Miller, MD


May 23, 2016

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Hi. It's Dr Kathy Miller from Indiana University. I want to give you some of my almost insider tips for Chicago. Now, Indianapolis is only 3 hours away from Chicago, and for me that means I get to drive myself to ASCO. While that's always difficult early in the morning or late at night, it does give me the peace of mind that when the meeting is over, I am definitely getting home. Flight disturbances and thunderstorms won't get in my way.

While I really look forward to the meeting, and the new science, and the new ideas, and meeting up with my colleagues, I also enjoy getting around the city and visiting some of my favorite places.

Far and away, my favorite Chicago thing to do during ASCO is an early-morning walk along Lake Michigan, right along the lake shore, right by the fabulous hotels, near the convention center, and make a loop around Buckingham Fountain. It's early morning, it's refreshing; gets you moving, gets my day started off in a great way.

Now, when it comes to food, I have to give you some of my favorite pizza places in Chicago. I know many of you, when you think of Chicago pizza, think of deep dish, and it is fantastic. But you know that if you try to eat more than one piece, you're going to find yourself in a bread coma at the end. Many people who are not from the area don't know that Chicago pizzerias also do some amazing ultra-thin crispy crust with some fantastic, inventive toppings. My two favorites are Pequod's on North Clybourn Avenue, and Spacca Napoli on West Sunnyside Avenue. They are not to be beat. You've just got to do me a favor—don't tell the locals I told you about them because they try to keep them under wraps.

My other favorite thing to do is to find my way to the Field Museum on my way out of town. I love natural history. I love exploring their new exhibits and picking up a special present for my kids on my way home.

If you have Chicago favorites that you want to make sure our listeners have a chance to find, please give us your comments. Tell us where you head to in Chicago when you're not heading to the meeting. I hope to see you in Chicago.


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