Mammographic Breast Density in Infertile and Parous Women

Meggiorini Maria Letizia; Vestri Anna Rita; De Stefano Maria Grazia; Cipolla Valentina; Bellati Filippo; Maffucci Diana; Nusiner Maria Paola; Aragona Cesare; De Felice Carlo


BMC Womens Health. 2016;16(8) 

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In conclusion, this study confirms that patients with primary infertility have denser breast tissue and may be at risk for breast cancer.

The Boyd and BIRADS systems were not developed to quantify the risk, but to allow an interpreting radiologist to indicate the level of concern that a cancer lesion in the breast might be missed on mammography due to masking by dense tissue.

Infertile women with high BIRADS or Boyd scores, who undertake IVF treatment, should be investigated with appropriate diagnostic tools including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to reduce masking bias.