What Influences 11-year-olds to Drink? Findings From the Millennium Cohort Study

Yvonne Kelly; Alice Goisis; Amanda Sacker; Noriko Cable; Richard G. Watt; Annie Britton


BMC Public Health. 2016;16(169) 

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Examining drinking at this point in the lifecourse has potentially important public health implications as around one in seven 11 year olds have drank, although the vast majority are yet to explore alcohol. Even though the links between early drinking and later life drinking problems remain unclear, we need to further improve our understanding of the relative importance and meaning of drinking in early adolescence as regular and heavy drinking among young people is linked to harmful behaviours and premature death. However, apparent culturally specific differences in the meaning of drinking underscores the importance of identifying factors that shape early drinking experiences across settings. Improving our understanding of context specific drivers of early drinking presents golden opportunities to develop effective policy and prevention strategies.