Reader Poll: How Much Time Do You Spend on EHR Alerts?

April 12, 2016

Some physicians receive more than 100 notifications in their electronic health record (EHR) inboxes in one day, according to a recent study that looked at 92 physicians from three large practices in Texas. Primary care physicians received the most alerts, with an average of 76.9 notifications per day.

The study found that physicians spend about an hour per day on that average number of notifications.

The authors of the study said excessive EHR alerts can burden physicians through information overload. An unmanageable number of alerts not only makes it difficult for physicians to filter out important information but also increases the chances that physicians will miss patients' test results.

The study authors say, "Strategies to help filter messages relevant to high-quality care, EHR designs that support team-based care, and staffing models that assist physicians in managing this influx of information are needed."


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