Group Psychological Intervention for Postnatal Depression

A Nested Qualitative Study With British South Asian Women

Yumna Masood; Karina Lovell; Farah Lunat; Najia Atif; Waquas Waheed; Atif Rahman; Rahena Mossabir; Nasim Chaudhry; Nusrat Husain


BMC Womens Health. 2015;15(109) 

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The results suggest that this culturally-adapted psychological intervention is acceptable to British South Asian women. Furthermore, it appears from this qualitative study that culturally-sensitive psychological interventions can lead to better health outcomes and higher overall satisfaction levels. Interventions targeting postnatal depression in South Asian women should pay particular attention to ways of improving social support, independent coping strategies, involvement of the culturally-sensitive facilitator, language aspects, childcare and transport support, and group discussion techniques. Future research should consider including individual sessions in between group sessions to further improve engagement and perhaps health and social outcomes as well.