MacGyver Comes to Healthcare

Roxanne Nelson, BSN, RN


April 12, 2016

Building a Creative Movement

Although the site at UTMB is the first permanent spot, MakerNurse has launched mobile spaces in several hospitals across the country, including Bon Secours St. Mary's Hospital of Richmond, Virginia; Driscoll Children's Hospital of Corpus Christi, Texas; Maimonides Medical Center in New York; South Shore Hospital of South Weymouth, Massachusetts; and Sierra Providence Health Network and Texas Tech University Health System of El Paso, Texas.

Nurses who read about the MakerNurse program may wonder how they can benefit from these opportunities. It begins with nurses everywhere spreading a culture of tinkering and experimentation, like the examples provided here and on the MakerNurse website (featuring stories of nurses who are making devices) and the MakerHealth Create website (where nurses and other healthcare providers and patients are posting instructions on how to make their problem-solving creations, including the individual tools and materials used, along with step-by-step instructions). Hear from some of the nurses who have used the MakerHealth Space at UTMB at Galveston here.

Nurses might also wonder whether makerspaces can be established elsewhere in the country. According to Young, the MakerHealth Space at UTMB is part of a growing network of hospital makerspaces managed by a spin-off company, Pop Up Labs. The MakerHealth Network allows clinicians and patients using the makerspace to share their prototypes and experiments and get feedback from peers across the country. It also allows staff from the hospitals to quickly run multiinstitutional studies to pilot technologies coming from the MakerHealth Spaces. There is tremendous learning between each of these hospitals, and Young's team is thrilled to support the connections between these hospitals.

Interested nurses can contact Ms Young at or 614-271-2090 for more information about bringing a MakerHealth program to their hospital, including the makerspace, training curriculum, and access to the network.


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